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johnnie jackson
Free desktop wallpaper
johnnie jackson
uploaded by Guest on 2006-07-19
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great muscle, good job man!
kris posted on 2010-08-08 05:10:44

nice but not like me
atul dubey posted on 2010-03-04 03:59:47

I met the man a couple of weeks ago, very sincere and dedicated man. admitted using when he was young but 100% clean now. very active with his church, working with young people, getting them out of the ruts we seem to be in, sitting here reading some of this garbage people write. the man rocks!
twested posted on 2008-07-12 05:55:51

Big Dude! Well proportioned too. Negative comments come from negative people who can't measure up. Get pumped!
bill posted on 2008-07-06 16:23:04

hahaha so much hatred in this world nowadays. steroids or not hes a big bitch. Most likely cuz hes black. black people are bread for that kind of shit.
el terrible posted on 2008-05-16 20:36:12

all you fuckers dont be jealous he is really worked his ass out to become this .so dont give the credit to steroids give him the credit he deserves it.
cris james posted on 2008-05-12 23:27:18

He don't use roids, you morons. He works hard. Trains with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Why the hell are yall concerned with his dick and ball? Fuckin pervs.
JRemy ...City of Sin posted on 2008-04-04 14:12:06

if anything, steroids would cause your penis to get a little bigger due to your test levels going through the roof
Guest posted on 2008-02-08 17:02:50

very nice
real body posted on 2007-12-22 21:55:25

Ultimate strenght is what you get if you live strong. good job
dave posted on 2007-12-06 22:34:24

why does everyone on earth automatically assume in order to get jacked you have to use steroids?..... such a lame assumtion. pretty shitty to tell someone who has worked there whole life to get something that they are a cheater.
Nick posted on 2007-10-19 03:07:07

Do you fucking morons know steroids doesn't cause your penis to shrink... you dumb fucks... it causes your testicles to shrink. Most bodybuilders use some sort of Growth Hormone/Steroids and for those idiots that think he's all natural, your just as dumb as the other idiots who made the other comments.
DM posted on 2007-10-13 02:01:42

those of you who just posted few comments bout steroids i think you know you are stupid ... name 5 steroids and their use, dosage and cycles it's just little kids that know nothing about steroids ... but they talk shit fuck you ... just for spreading bullshit
romanian balaur posted on 2007-09-13 00:52:40

standard comments from the ignorant
dmac posted on 2007-05-28 03:40:07

wow, the best, his penis is probably the size of a walnut.. fuckin steroids
Nick posted on 2007-05-15 23:18:56

just another steroid user
mike posted on 2007-04-08 14:50:02

Makes me look sick
Guest posted on 2006-09-27 14:19:49

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