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Computer wallpaper for free, desktop wallpaper, Superman's home, Crypton
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Superman's home, Crypton
Free desktop wallpaper
Superman's home, Crypton
uploaded by Nio on 2006-05-16
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Krypton is spelled with a "K", not a "C". Lois said, "is that with a C-R-I", and Superman said, "no, that's with a K-R-Y-P-T-O-N".
C G posted on 2009-05-29 13:11:27

you're all wrong!!! this is the head of LEX LUTHOR
Guest posted on 2009-02-05 09:58:22

It is Richard Donners Krypton from Superman the movie
Guest posted on 2008-07-09 20:49:51

this is not even close to krypton. this looks like an egg that fell into an ice chip like beijing did for the olympics, sorry but krypton is green. are you sure you're a superman fun? nope you are not
stewart posted on 2007-10-14 04:55:32

Hes right, this is what krypton looked like, the green is the radioactive part of kryptonite. Theres also red, black, gold, a whole ray of colours each affecting superman in different ways. I knew what this was before i even clicked on it, good job hey
Mark posted on 2007-01-17 09:34:17

KryptoNITE is green. Krypton in the movies was white. This is the dome where they put Zod and friends into the Phantom Zone.
Jan-Or posted on 2006-12-18 02:08:13

this isn't krypton, it's the fortress of solitude. krypton's green.
hnygrl posted on 2006-12-14 00:40:32

learn how to spell Krypton and add more mountains to it and maybe superman lived there
ganjathief posted on 2006-07-05 00:56:17

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