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Marble & Bronze Statue
Free desktop wallpaper
Marble & Bronze Statue
uploaded by Poignard on 2006-05-12
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This Statue is in a museum in the South of France. I think in Aix En Provence. The image has been flipped from its original orientation. =)
Jack posted on 2010-02-01 00:52:58

Man, i'm glad i'm white.......
white guy posted on 2008-11-02 19:41:17

scary noga
Guest posted on 2008-07-06 00:25:06

hahahahahaha I agree
Aya posted on 2007-10-10 01:15:17

ahahahahahaha! that is all
Nay posted on 2007-10-07 21:26:51

r u guys retarded read the title this is a statue.. so all u dumbasses who are saying this is them or they know them its a god dam statue so shut the hell up with ur bullshit
me posted on 2007-08-29 21:33:35

Nice statue
Unnil posted on 2007-06-17 12:49:26

Hey boys and girls, can you please leave my brudda alone, he is beautiful! I love his jaundiced sclera and vitelligo affected skin! Share the love people and think good thoughts about this black man when you see him! Muah!
Nishjara posted on 2007-06-08 13:10:51

This picture of me is friggen awesome. If the camera was angled down a little bit more you could get really close to my massive boong dick. Excuse the shit hanging off my pubic hair. Peace
Trang-boon posted on 2007-05-20 10:24:53

if you have this as your gotta be messed up...two thumbs down.
Tim posted on 2007-04-03 00:10:19

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