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Collection of penguins
Free desktop wallpaper
Collection of penguins
uploaded by Francesco on 2006-04-19
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hey fools it's easy to know that this person use linux, Tux is a penguin, he is the mascot of Linux..... Windows user can collect Windows XD!!!!! or Blue Poster with white texts, xD!!!
Guest posted on 2007-11-24 04:41:25

hey, whats with all nasty comments. everyone collects things. no matter how weird you may find it.
Tyler posted on 2007-08-10 21:40:09

It the freakin march of the penguins.... SweeeT
Tonyg posted on 2007-05-16 23:57:45

This is a harmless diversion from the crap on t.v. This stuff represents a simplier time, a throw back to those beanie baby days. Hey, it's fun shit and there are worse obsessions. The picture just isn't that good - too dark.
Advocate posted on 2007-04-20 06:33:49

possibly the best wallpaper on here?
john posted on 2006-09-26 19:36:16

Wow this image is really c r a p What a sad sad person so upload a wallpaper of their sad collection of penguins. Could have atleast taken a good photo.
Abuser posted on 2006-09-24 04:37:40

this is shocking..i mean its shockingly shit! get rid of it!
Guest posted on 2006-06-16 15:26:22

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