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Summer Glau, Serenity
Free desktop wallpaper
Summer Glau, Serenity
uploaded by Image Keeper on 2006-01-03
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There are beautiful women, hot women then there is Summer. Very sexy woman, in probably one of the best sci-fi movies in this century.
Snakeeyez posted on 2009-01-02 02:03:00

HOT,HOT,HOT First saw her in Serenty, Then Firefly, I had to get all the DVD`s. Now see is a Terminator. She is the # 1 SiFi Hotty
Jeffer posted on 2008-12-06 09:13:06

A great fan of Firefly & Serenity, yes, it's the best wallpaper!
Dallin posted on 2008-08-02 16:48:51

really really great wallpaper! i love this movie and actress.
sheila posted on 2008-06-09 18:26:54

My favorite movie and star
Marty posted on 2007-10-01 05:10:27

Im a fan of summer glau and this wallpaper is by far the best i've seen of her!
Rami posted on 2007-04-03 12:53:04

I love it
yEah posted on 2007-03-22 16:22:11

very flamboynce.
mohit bhalla posted on 2006-05-14 14:42:16

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