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Desktop wallpaper for free, Reynaldo Gianecchini
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Reynaldo Gianecchini
Free celebrity blue desktop wallpaper
Reynaldo Gianecchini
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-09-11
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u are a..............i can't found words to exprim what u are in fact.....u are a wonderful man.u are different..........and this one is not a a truth. many kisses with whipped cream only for u:)))
consuello posted on 2006-11-17 13:07:25

hey u are a very nice guy i want more pic of u where?? nick body nice face nice everything
....... posted on 2006-09-09 02:41:40

BELLISSIMO-PIEKNY-SEXY-PRZYSTOJNY-I'am polish girl but I'm living in Italy.-------I am looking your DA COR DO PECADO.thank you very much.You are my angel!!!!
kasia posted on 2006-08-05 10:54:48

hello i like all your work it't very good. i am actriz too. bye see you other day. bye
gina cadenas posted on 2006-06-29 09:29:43

definitivamente el hombre mas rico del mundo nada que decir suuuuuuuuu sonrisa me mata..como puede haber elguien tan lindo como tu .cosito rico....
xxx posted on 2006-06-23 06:21:44

Desi posted on 2006-06-17 18:05:06

To see more Reynaldo Gianecchini, visit: www_gianecchini_kit_net
Renan posted on 2006-02-10 06:28:11

reynaldo you are soooooooooooooooooo sexy
ewelinka-poland posted on 2006-02-03 18:54:27

u r 2 good to be true . too much of all.
paddy posted on 2006-01-25 12:52:16

Trop parfait pour mon goût, il doit aimer son miroir. Paris
Sarah posted on 2006-01-16 23:23:10

vc eh lindo e sempre qndo te vejo na tv eu enloqueço.Além de ser lindo vc eh um otimo ator. Tava com saudades mais ainda bem q voltou a fazer novelas. Lindooooooooooooooo.Beijos de sua fã Ana Paula. Manda umbeijo pra mim qndo tiver na tv sou de vitoria tá.
ana paula posted on 2005-11-11 01:19:19

you are handsone have the sky smile .
sulei. posted on 2005-11-09 21:41:35

Hola! I don`t know what to say, exept, maybe: You`re so sweet, don`t you know?!
Mililca posted on 2005-09-23 17:49:09

Ola Lindooooooo.... quero te dizer que amei te conhecer aqui nos Estados Unidos na cidade de New Bedford esse domingo dia 18 de Setembro vc e demiassssss desejo do fundo do meu coraçao tudo de bom pra vc e quero que saibas que nos portugueses te amamos muitooooooo mil beijos carinhosos pra vc e tudo de bom na vida vc merece beijaooooooooo.....
Carla Medeiros posted on 2005-09-20 17:23:19

mariela posted on 2005-09-19 19:29:39

hi reynaldo!! will i don't get tire of saying that you are a good looking guy with a great career. keep being succesful
isela posted on 2005-08-06 00:14:19

well hey what can i say!!! you look preety good you have a nice smile and ofcourse every thing else not many words to exrese myself tace care..texas#1fan
isela posted on 2005-06-15 23:19:20

reinaldo te amo vc e muito lindo , continue com a sua careira
kaline posted on 2005-05-30 00:07:00

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