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Wallpaper for Windows XP, background wallpaper, Brown horse
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Brown horse
Free animals desktop wallpaper
Brown horse
uploaded by anonymous on 2006-01-18
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"Bring it on motherfucker, yeah that's right I DOUBLE HORSE DARE YOU TO CHALLENGE ME!!!" The horse is saying that!!!
someone posted on 2009-01-13 03:18:55

its not a horse !!! its a malnourished cow
brush posted on 2008-08-01 09:14:08

A reall nice Horse
Chester posted on 2008-06-14 07:27:12

one word-beautiful
tracy posted on 2008-02-20 02:51:32

LOVE him he is beautiful,i've had a few horses in my time but nothing like him,you pay BIG bucks for a horse as good as him, yeah but he'de be worth it.God it shits me he comes up too small on my desktop background
kelly posted on 2008-01-20 07:41:51

This is my favorite picture. I had it as my computer wallpaper, but my sister erased it, and I could never find it again until today. That was like about 5 months ago. I had used another one of a horse that is white. It is on this site on "8" This is the beautifulest horse I have ever seen.
Jocelyn posted on 2008-01-12 04:26:34

i have a horse callad cowbow that is just as spirited as the pic and is the same color
luv horses posted on 2007-12-13 22:59:04

I have to say my dressage arabian gelding looks just like this one! Except um take a look at his eye uh is something wrong with it?
ally posted on 2007-11-28 08:52:47

omigosh luv horses! this 1 has no words 2 describe its beauty. wish i cud own a horse because they are mans (girls) best friends. luv the pic
Zircon posted on 2007-11-25 10:46:13

nice chestnut horse.
: posted on 2007-11-20 08:24:38

I love it. It really shows the natural attidtude of a horse! I love horses and they are graceful amazing animals that should always be loved!
:) posted on 2007-11-04 07:35:10

I love it
barb posted on 2007-10-10 01:37:40

amazing angle, what a pic!
Guest posted on 2007-09-15 20:18:53

OMG dis lks lyke a twin of my horse my horse is called fitz da bill !!
Guest posted on 2007-08-21 18:16:47

This horse is so pretty.... I love horses so much...
Kristen posted on 2007-08-17 23:39:28

Im not crazy about horses but there is only 2 words for this horse, STUNING and MAGNIFICENT.
kevin posted on 2007-05-05 22:49:40

what an awsome horse, id love to have one like this one day...
Teagan posted on 2007-04-27 13:29:26

WHAT A SEXY HORSE!!!(it's a JOKE) it's rerally nice
nnnA""pa rac% posted on 2007-04-21 15:41:20

Awsome Horse would love to have one like it someday.Very pround with lots of pride and spirite.
Ruth posted on 2007-01-25 02:15:00

Love it and she say's " watch out I am Pretty and no 1 touch me" 2 Fast and 2 furious
AngelCool101 posted on 2007-01-14 16:59:10

I love this horse. i have a half Arabian and she is the best thing in the world to me.
HORSE Lover!!!!!!! posted on 2006-11-23 22:18:57

2 fast 2 fourious
PoliceAcademy posted on 2006-09-11 12:46:43

Absolutely STUNNING! Awesome picture. Would love to own a horse like him someday :)
Rebecca posted on 2006-07-19 00:40:27

stunning horse butthe ycould have takin a better photo
Guest posted on 2006-06-16 00:33:00

how beautiful! arabian horses have such a great influence of a gorgeous horse. this horse is simply magnificent!
Desiree posted on 2006-03-15 03:15:36

Try Me!
SM posted on 2006-01-31 02:46:25

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