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Wallpaper, PC wallpaper, rain drops
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rain drops
Free blue desktop wallpaper
rain drops
uploaded by anonymous on 2005-11-18
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NICE LIKE IT..............
GUDIA posted on 2011-07-22 18:39:18

NICE LIKE IT..............
GUDIA posted on 2011-07-22 18:37:18

tolles Bild
sofie posted on 2010-12-11 18:29:40

this is the worst website i hv ever visited
..... posted on 2010-07-16 09:30:47

this pic is not bad just fine.......!! i dont like this pic ......very cheap....!!
sara posted on 2010-07-11 17:29:56

not a picture which can catch my soul.just ok
sushworld posted on 2010-06-26 14:16:37

Cooool pic.......
z posted on 2010-05-19 21:20:49

Guest posted on 2010-05-14 02:09:40

it's not beautiful at all. I wonder why do all of you say it is beautiful!!!!!!! you should find something that be more valueable to take picture from that, not just some drops that caused by stream. It's so ugly,I hate it.
majid posted on 2010-03-09 00:02:58

Guest posted on 2009-11-15 07:43:58

Guest posted on 2009-11-15 07:43:22

its beautiful but not so photogenic.... @
Neil posted on 2009-08-27 14:24:54

What an iiidea !!!!!!!! rain...........its so beautiful .
Aditeeye posted on 2009-07-18 06:38:23

tooooo good love it very much
tulip posted on 2009-07-09 09:25:11

Fantabulous Heart Touching Picture
Hammy posted on 2009-07-05 07:23:13

I've still downloaded this, but is it just me or does anyone else agree that this is condensation, not rain? lolololol
iviewolfe posted on 2009-04-28 01:21:44

cool... great picture
mkho posted on 2008-11-06 16:06:28

aik dam faaabbbb
ifra posted on 2008-08-05 01:46:35

Guest posted on 2008-05-30 10:16:27

hmm nice pik...i was thinkin of more of rain on the streets but this wrks..and ya i keep wanna wipe it down 2 ;-D
midnight80 posted on 2008-04-21 21:45:48

soothing cooling and everthing touching my heart feelings
hm posted on 2008-03-19 18:19:37

fail anything larger than 1440x900?
cohaagen posted on 2007-09-07 03:33:53

hina posted on 2007-05-16 07:52:37

very.....original! ;) so cold...:p
Mary posted on 2007-04-02 17:35:12

Soothing, cooling, calming - it's beautiful. I lOVE it!! Thanks
Trish posted on 2006-12-12 04:09:22

Pretty cool wallpaper. Just switch to the desktop for instant refreshment!
this was posted on 2006-11-22 09:56:42

this is the best windows desktop picture ever. the only problem is i keep wanting to wipe it down so i can see. lmao.
this posted on 2006-09-28 04:11:11

kristin posted on 2006-09-18 14:35:26

very nice picture :)
Vassago posted on 2006-05-29 09:19:20

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