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Sexy girl on your desktop
Free computer blue desktop wallpaper
Sexy girl on your desktop
uploaded by REMY on 2005-11-13
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I think this wallpaper is very tasteful. It's not meant to be "sexy" or turn guys on. It's art and as a heterosexual female, I like it. Guys...stop getting turned on so quickly by a naked woman. Women...stop getting turned off by a naked woman.
Nikki...from Baltimore posted on 2008-08-08 15:03:49

MAHIDY posted on 2008-07-24 22:57:13

She can do a table dance for me any day and I have a pocket full of dollar bills for her. When she is done on the table she can give me private lap dance in the champagne room.
dollar man posted on 2008-06-14 07:07:36

Sexy? Yes! Tasteful? Very! Artistic? Uniquely! Thought provoking? Definitely! Respectful? Absolutely! Original? Apparently! Effective? Calmingly! -- Thank you!
Tom posted on 2008-05-19 04:04:34

sexy girls
Carlos posted on 2008-05-18 22:37:14

very good idea naked in an egg.10 out of 10.It will be in my desktop.thanks remy.
go_gabby posted on 2008-04-28 03:28:13

she should stand right infront and the spot light shine on her.
Guest posted on 2007-12-10 01:02:10

this is a disgrace to everyone in Ft.Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keriann posted on 2007-06-18 11:47:00

This is quite nice artistically, and not crude.
Ramona posted on 2007-02-14 05:21:41

Alexander posted on 2006-11-13 01:33:02

cool all paper mate! ...it's a sure turn on!
Kenji posted on 2006-09-29 11:12:45

I have saved over 130 WP from this site and this is still my favorite. Beautiful body, girl, whoever you are.
David posted on 2006-03-21 02:38:09

It's also excellent...Ga Phaw...very sexy, a must have.
David posted on 2006-03-15 09:42:45

zulfo posted on 2005-11-14 02:06:43

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