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Dimebag Darrel tribute
Free music black desktop wallpaper
Dimebag Darrel tribute
uploaded by mike o. on 2005-11-10
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their was no one good god damn heavy metal guitarist like him so purely played which moves every one. R.I.P Dime... for ever not forgetten.
max posted on 2010-12-26 16:58:46

I met dime in Phnx,Az and he was the coolest freakin dude man. I keep thinking the new album coming out, but then I remember.....I'll always remember.
wolvie367 posted on 2010-10-23 07:55:41

Dime you will always be in our heart.....when I hear your riff tear comes out man...u are the best....wish another 'dime' come within us...u have rocked us , now its time to rock hell... And at last RIP
Jishu posted on 2009-12-18 11:20:29

dime was the bes of the bes and i hate seeing his name being put downdime loved his fans 1st thin his guitar with out dime here look at whats happend to the music the music to day makes me angry long live dime R.I.P brother he got his wings
timmy posted on 2009-03-17 10:04:10

die Dalton! Dime forever!
plasma posted on 2008-11-09 01:21:24

Dime will forever live in my thoughts. RIP
Liz posted on 2008-07-14 21:02:26

Don't "use" Dime for your site. If you know anything about him, then tell it.
Bitter Sylence posted on 2008-02-28 22:43:59

This is a cool pic, but does Dimebag no justice. He was an absolutely amazing guitarist, that played with so much emotion. Any live pic will show you this emotion.
Jeff posted on 2007-12-17 03:32:32

There are no words for dime... I wish i could kill that bastard that shot him and crap on his grave! LONG LIVE DIMEBAG!!!
Pan-k posted on 2007-05-05 14:03:46

If your looking at this picture then i salute you. Dimebag was an example to us all, for his warm nature, persistance, dedication, and great love towards his friends, family and fans. Some people say that the good die young, but i say its all to often that the BEST do. I only hope one day i get to meet him along with Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Rory Gallagher, Randy Rhoads and all the other stars pulled away from us before their time. Keep doing the things that make you happy whoever you are, im glad that one of those things is supporting the memory of this rock ICON. Laters Dime fans- x
Barney Thomas- UK from Froxfield Hampshire (Country Boy) posted on 2006-11-27 00:52:59

dime was the fucking shit
dalton posted on 2006-11-18 01:15:03

keep on ripping dime(brother)
rock star posted on 2006-04-20 12:06:38

dimebag rules. RIP
george posted on 2006-03-25 04:18:04

Doesn't do justice to Dimebag. You need to show off his awesome guitars while he's playing them. He was always proud of his guitars.
Ana posted on 2006-03-07 20:11:25

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