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Animal angry
Free animals brown desktop wallpaper
Animal angry
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-05-26
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Looks like a wolverine 2 me that is my ultimate pet you can have them in some states. Get a little harnass lease for him take him 4 walks and name him FLUFFY! But whatever it is it is sure to make you have a very bad day you piss him off!
Fly Like The Wind posted on 2012-02-11 15:43:37

Its a wolverine retards not a sloth sloths dont live in snow
Guest posted on 2011-06-05 01:21:47

This picture is a cross between the body of a wolverine and a Timber Wolve. I can't believe someone couldn't figure that out with the color contrast of the face. I see wolves all the time where I live in northern WI and that is a wolfs face, but not its body.
Guest posted on 2010-12-15 00:28:14

its a fucking hyena you dumb fucks!!
dumbfuckisalloverinternet posted on 2010-07-01 05:06:38

He may be a sloth, but he does't remind me at all of Sid in "Ice Age"
DeltaDawn posted on 2010-06-20 21:48:38

its a sloth
calista posted on 2010-01-30 01:44:34

it possible a fake pic?????
akitta posted on 2009-10-19 01:40:59

looks like it wolf thats got its ears held bak thats a animal at its worst wen its scared it will fight for its life
akitta posted on 2009-10-19 01:39:26

favorite animal real killing machine .)
s.e posted on 2009-04-19 00:13:16

I love this wolf. Its so beutiful and funny
An posted on 2009-01-28 09:21:32

no no no no.........!!!!!!It's not photoshopped! It's simple,this wolf hasnot ears!!poor doggy!!i have see em dead and alive!i live in the moon and mpla mpla mpla...ohhh sheee@$@$#%^#%#$@#@^%##@##@^%$@^#@%#$@%^#@$@%$eeeeettt!oh dooggy dooooggy!!!haahahaha!!my poor friend!
beyond the grave posted on 2009-01-08 15:04:45

whoever said it's photoshopped is a f**ing idiot
Guest posted on 2008-11-30 01:21:27

it's obviously a wolf... seen this picture before... google for it under black wolf... glad it's made into wallpaper!
Guest posted on 2008-11-30 01:19:46

he is happy to see you all
ajs posted on 2008-10-13 21:48:19

yeh what he said.. face of a wolf and body of a wolverine
dani posted on 2008-09-26 09:52:31

a wolverine? not a chance. I know for a fact that the face is a wolf. I've seen wolves and wolverines and that is the face of a wolf. The body? don't know. a wolverine haha go look up a wolverine you people aren't the brightest.
steve posted on 2008-08-29 18:01:42

This is an All-American teenage girl who lost her cellphone!
nick posted on 2008-07-21 14:57:01

some of you ppl need to go back to school this is a timber wolf i live in northern Canada and i no what a wolf looks like i've seen them dead and alive
Guest posted on 2008-05-05 01:15:30

To the guest that posted on 2007-12-19... You're an idiot.
henry johanas posted on 2008-04-17 00:12:30

I read all comments, it is a wolverine, you can tell by how compressed the body is. Its not tall and slender and come on now, if its a wolf, we would see its ears pretty well, wolves ears are on top, like a sheppard. But hey im drunk and im guessing, nice pic though, almost looks as mean as my bengal, now there's a crazy cat
nature laughs last posted on 2008-04-12 10:48:11

A beautiful wolf, terrified and sending a warning with the show of those teeth. Poor baby. The human animal is the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. :(
Guest posted on 2007-12-19 00:11:55

Ok everyone know that we know it is fake it looks good but still. real wolverines still have a nasty attiude. i'm interseted in DEC so i've done some homework on this.
Jhawk posted on 2007-12-05 00:30:20

Looks like my ex gf about 80% of the time.
fiz posted on 2007-11-23 18:39:00

GREEN posted on 2007-08-01 16:35:40

it's a bear's body with a wolfs head photoshopped on it... come on ppl, a wolverine??
'm surrounded by idiots! posted on 2007-05-12 16:59:52

oooow, somebody is not happy. Or maybe he's just sayin' "CHEESE". Who's a pretty puppy.
Guest posted on 2007-05-08 20:43:27

Kevin and Craig posted on 2007-05-05 23:05:14

ARP posted on 2007-02-13 17:34:17

that is a strange looking dog or wolf
dude posted on 2007-01-25 04:00:42

Jamie.L posted on 2007-01-23 03:12:39

Who said I was angry?
Cae posted on 2007-01-18 02:55:50

This is me when the Boss starts talkin at work...he`s not to cool
John Royster posted on 2007-01-15 22:23:43

MIKE SMITH posted on 2007-01-01 17:47:00

No guys who ever took this picture disturbed it while it was doing the Business?!
shaggy026 posted on 2006-12-26 13:04:22

ugly igly ugly ulgy animal
paloma posted on 2006-12-21 06:55:56

Your all wrong, I send this picture. I took this picture when we went camping las year. This is the picture of my mother-inlaw when she gives me that crazy look. You guys are going to hell for making crazy coments about this sweet old lady:)
pete posted on 2006-12-14 21:26:18

WoW your mom looks angry
Get a friggn toothbrush u fn beast posted on 2006-12-09 08:25:54

Guest posted on 2006-12-07 05:53:48

thats someones mad dog i think.. :) btw looks nice.
kkkk posted on 2006-11-24 13:56:09

I think it was a grizzly bear fishing for salmon and someone did a decent job of photoshoping a wolves face onto it.
bubba posted on 2006-09-11 01:35:23

All of you are wrong. That is so a bunnyrabbit. See it's so sweet it's smiling for the camera.Ha!
Sugarmama3223 posted on 2006-08-31 17:17:06

Pepsi Girl 332 posted on 2006-08-30 21:12:26

From The wolfs neck that is jet black follow up along that black to our left up to the side of his face, that is clearly his ear laying down and pulled back in surprise and trying to compact his boody from turning anyone who has dogs and flanks them while they have a fav toy or chew snack knows that expression even chihwa waz do that = ) once you see his ear then you can imagine once he calms back down the size of that ear resting upward and his fur not so poofy from defence a wolf in every way. My thought are moe to what were you doing to get him like this cuz I know you didnt go right up to him to take this picture, were you throwing stuff at him?
LoneWolf posted on 2006-08-25 11:36:58

I'm sure that it ia a wolf with it's ears laid back and hackles raised. I'm from Northern Michigan, 56 yrs. old and have seen wolverines and wolves both up close and personal; a wolverine looks more like a cross between a badger & a small bear in the face than like a wolf. Laura Sexymama has a good point, go look it up. And for all of you animal experts concerning cropping and photoshop, perhaps it very well may be but I've lived 80% my life hunting and treking the wilds of North America and that's exactly what a lone, pissed off wolf looks like when confronted. Just F.Y.I people.
WolfMan posted on 2006-08-24 15:06:31

how cute<3
Rex posted on 2006-06-30 21:57:09

yall all wrong tis is sssssoooo a wolverine does it relly look lik a wolf yall r idiots and dats plane 2 c ha!
Guest posted on 2006-06-10 05:18:56

Come on that is not a wolverine thats just a wolve that has a shity attitude! Look up Wolverines in google and look it up for yourself!
Lora Sexymama posted on 2006-06-10 00:43:01

I'll have to disagree with all of you. I'm a naturallist, and I work with photoshop and other programs all the time. Looks like a wolf's head with ears cut off, then a totally different body. You can see the body is brown and the head is grey and black.
Ashakiran posted on 2006-06-03 23:49:10

Im a wildlife biologist....and thats no wolverine photo does look doctored though
Guest posted on 2006-04-22 23:01:57

WOW someone woke up on the wrong side of rock
update24364 posted on 2006-04-20 06:39:04

hey guys this is definetly not a wolverine, come on this is an angry wolf. a wolverine ha ? some people are just stupid and know shit !
curse posted on 2006-04-15 18:10:01

You people are a little slow, it's a wolverine, endangered species I might add as well.
BooDa posted on 2006-04-07 17:31:45

WOW that is really scary i would not want to run in to that when it is mad because i want to live. <~~ashley~~> WOW!!!!!!
ashley posted on 2006-03-19 18:35:10

This is what happens when you dont put the toilet seat down in my house. My sister goes postal haha
Me posted on 2006-01-06 23:43:16

Holy Shit, thats a little scary... not something i want to look at.
Jenna posted on 2005-12-11 06:19:31

Is this a Photoshop job? Looks like the head of a wolf superimposed on to something completely ellse,who knows what?Nice joke.
R Adkins posted on 2005-09-17 07:40:30

This is a wolf not a wolverine! A wolverine looks like a ferret on steroids, this pissed off critter is definitely a wolf, go to google images and type in wolverine, you'll see what I mean.
Wolf Girl posted on 2005-06-24 12:46:59

I belive this is not a dog, but a wolverine.
Guest posted on 2005-06-20 03:36:18

NICE DOGGIE, I"M NOT LITTLE RED! That is one angry dog!
adrianna_jackson posted on 2005-06-04 08:00:58

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