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Honda CR-V
Free car grey desktop wallpaper
Honda CR-V
uploaded by anonymous on 2005-07-11
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I like this car very . . . . Very . . . Much . . . Whom maked this model that person really great
NARESH KUMAR posted on 2011-03-24 09:36:53

This is the best car plz by dis
sreekanth posted on 2010-06-28 12:53:59

i am in love with honda crv
kamal posted on 2010-04-04 08:11:28

koi takkar nahi hai bhai
adi posted on 2010-02-19 15:11:00

Who ever said only a r-tard would make thi their wallpaper then you are stupid!My mom works in a law firm and she said it si the best car she has ever had and she has had 7 cars and all of the hondas she had she loved. So shut the heck up!
james posted on 2010-01-15 00:33:15

i admire this car .....but people like me can only dream...
siva sankar v posted on 2009-11-07 07:53:10

Its not a Car..its a machine personified..with excellence & prolific aura..a Dream to cherish soon..
amit shukla posted on 2009-06-06 17:41:20

this car is such a dhoom
Guest posted on 2009-01-22 13:42:23

my dream car ........"CRV" awesome .
vamshi posted on 2008-06-18 16:41:44

Honda is for sure Power of Dreams there is no better
Delena posted on 2008-06-10 17:32:12

crv fucks all cars
sahil posted on 2008-06-08 21:28:03

What a Great Vehicle and i got one just like it Same colour and all.
Sam posted on 2008-01-12 23:10:45

hey fuck you kevin
honda posted on 2008-01-07 03:42:04

It looks good. It will be better if it has a hybrid engine.
Simon posted on 2007-08-06 13:24:52

I love this car and just what i searched for!
Meera posted on 2007-08-05 07:26:56

Only R-tards would make this their wallpaper...
kevin posted on 2007-03-01 23:00:58

catch me if u can!.......
hasmukh posted on 2006-08-10 07:13:02

This is a best car ever. Oh! boy. What a car?
jatt posted on 2005-07-24 06:01:56

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