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Carrera GT Porsche car free wallpaper
Free car black orange desktop wallpaper
Carrera GT Porsche car free wallpaper
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-06-21
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this is beauty
shooter posted on 2009-11-24 14:11:51

and also state its left hand drive or right hand drive
Guest posted on 2008-10-29 12:21:33

DIGITAL ELITE i would like to buy your car Quote me the rate and model no. the date on which it was purchased the place where car lies and the actual photograph of the car and also if any certificate from any authority about present condition of car. it would be very appreciated if you could send me the scanned copy of invoice. My id is Waiting for your reply
Guest posted on 2008-10-29 12:17:08

i've got one of these and i can yust say you can wish you had one to.
marijo posted on 2008-08-07 23:22:29

that car is for hoes
Guest posted on 2008-06-04 04:22:21

I have a 2006 with a race package installed. Top speed is about 241 mph My car is for sale if anyone is interested. I am going to buy a newer model as soon as i sale this 2006 I have. As far as the racing against a 360. That is a funny joke. The 360 isn't even a match.
DigitalElite posted on 2008-05-03 13:36:48

fat jew posted on 2008-04-18 19:22:36

i gotta get me 1 of those
cardiffboi88 posted on 2008-02-13 01:18:44

(mAtHeW) posted on 2008-01-08 08:18:24

I agree with karl. This is one of the best cars you can get. But the enzo i would say is a brilliant car even though i love porsche's
Turbo posted on 2007-12-30 22:12:20

this is 1 of the best cars you can get u bunch of cunts dont no what you are talking about so when you do you can talk
karl posted on 2007-12-06 00:59:38

nooo .. this car has more than 612 hp! and reachs up 2 205 mph .. it puts my supra to shame
ellie posted on 2007-12-04 19:13:18

Hey Looser's Porsvhe Carrera GT is very Fastest!!! of
Nu Te impute posted on 2007-10-30 10:22:43

Kurt....Do you really know what you are going on about. The Ferrari 360 is NO match for this car. It has a 5.7 V10 engine boasting 605 Bhp.
Dave posted on 2007-10-15 01:24:52

still ACE
dixyboy posted on 2007-07-12 17:20:31

yea its a great car but os it fast enough thats my question and it certinaly cant be the ferrari 360
kurt posted on 2007-06-16 16:09:34

that is a real car
d mac posted on 2007-05-28 00:41:39

fg posted on 2006-12-10 02:15:32

alsome car
tristan long posted on 2006-01-14 02:31:51

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