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Dog sleeping
Free animals desktop wallpaper
Dog sleeping
uploaded by anonymous on 2005-05-24
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Awwww! how cute!...i could just snuggle with him in my arms aaaalll day!!! <3
Guest posted on 2011-01-16 00:03:40

very sweet
puppy posted on 2010-09-24 20:13:43

that dog is probley the ugleest dogs in the unaverse
robert posted on 2010-05-01 18:57:13

he/she is so cute but not as cute as mine
melissa posted on 2010-05-01 18:54:37

it looks like ma labdog but in brown
abhinay posted on 2010-02-12 04:07:07

It kinda makes me hungry. I just wanna have it for supper.I bet its brains are very tasty.
psycho-B posted on 2009-08-29 00:10:07

It looks like my girlfriend. Sleepy and stupid.
bkpro posted on 2009-08-29 00:06:09

this dog is so cute it looks like my dog my dog is 1 but in dog ages 7 but that is a cuter dog.
kayla posted on 2009-06-04 18:32:56

I love this dog and yes my dog isn't nearly as cute. [my dog is old =<]
Lucky-has this as her wallpaper posted on 2009-06-01 01:46:35

i want to downl;oad thios as my wallpaper its so cute!!!!!!!
clarissa posted on 2009-05-26 00:13:11

omfg give him to me yeh i love this picture if you dont dont think this picture is cute u r retarded
sexyxxx posted on 2009-05-16 16:25:53

horseslover posted on 2008-11-04 02:07:09

it is realy cute.
jordan posted on 2008-10-25 21:12:51

ohhhh......myyyyyyyy.....he's shhooooo....cuteeeee..
nancy posted on 2008-08-28 20:02:45

Sooooooooooooooooo cute doggyyyyyyyyy .......... from where i can get it..................
umesh joshi posted on 2008-08-28 12:44:38

it is so cute i want it awwwwwwwwwww
lauren posted on 2008-06-28 16:05:52

this puupy is gougous can i have it please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mowly posted on 2008-06-07 21:52:39

aww this dog is gawgus,, buhh i wonder if it has gagus poopies to? mmm if it does i want to eat them!!!!!!!!!!!!
poopie posted on 2008-06-07 21:50:09

awwwwwwwwww he is sooooooo cute xxxxxx
hally posted on 2008-06-07 21:48:35

omg he is eva sooooo cute i wanna take it home with me awwwww xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hally posted on 2008-06-07 21:47:50

would wish to be with him :)
achyut posted on 2008-06-05 19:09:54

omg its so nice
Guest posted on 2008-05-31 16:42:14

this pic is os cute it is my background on the computer
melinda posted on 2008-05-26 23:22:21

omg!it`s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!keep it coming
kyra012 posted on 2008-05-05 20:22:26

man if i were a dog i would so go out with him!!! he is a cutie!!!
kala and alana posted on 2008-03-23 20:00:59

Ag man so cute!!
Lorraine posted on 2008-03-10 14:11:45

OMG so so cutie
Kyuubi posted on 2008-02-22 01:15:23

It's VERY lovely!!!! So cute!!!!
Odie posted on 2008-01-12 23:37:31

kayleigh posted on 2008-01-12 14:43:49

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wana hug ds puppy i wana kiss mwaaaaaaaaaaa cuteeeeeeeeeeeee...
criet posted on 2008-01-09 23:14:54

omg this puppy is soooo cute !!!! i want it sooooo much !!!!
nessssssssssssssaaaaaa posted on 2008-01-06 20:18:57

all i hav't to say is, aaww she's so cute I wish i had her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taryn posted on 2008-01-04 00:42:03

he is sooooooooooo beutiful i sooooooooooooo wana take him home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
dawn xxx posted on 2007-12-26 20:08:37

OMG!!!!!!!!! that is the most gorgeous puppy in the entire world!!!! its sooooooooooo cute!!! i want to take it home !! :( he he !!
Lucilu posted on 2007-12-21 21:33:44

it is soooooooooooooo cuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
erhdfgrsthui posted on 2007-12-20 17:13:24

If you read the comment that I wrote on the lion slapping his face... well now this is me LOVE MY FANS Dane Cook*
Dane Cook posted on 2007-12-04 06:29:02

!!@!@#!#$!%!#$%!#$^%$!@#$@#$ sooooooo cute!!!!!
ally posted on 2007-11-29 06:52:27

IT"s tho coot!!
blah blah blah posted on 2007-11-23 04:16:33

ZZZZZ....I'm goin' get that cat...ZZZZZ...I'm going to get that cat...SNORE!
dw posted on 2007-11-13 07:39:57

Heis so cute
Kayla posted on 2007-11-11 19:12:28

I just have one word: CUTENESS!!!
Jasmine posted on 2007-11-10 10:48:28

This dog is realy cute I love it sooo much I wish it was mine
Emma posted on 2007-10-13 14:58:45

awwwww dogs are some times cute when sleeping but this one is soooooooooooo much better!! p.s i love golden retrievers!!:)
ebony posted on 2007-10-10 22:36:29

This dog is the cutest thing ive ever seen!!!
samantha posted on 2007-10-07 17:13:42

omg this is the cutest lil dog in the hole freking world
Kissy_kandy posted on 2007-09-30 23:43:32

I have a golden retriever too
Bex posted on 2007-09-30 21:41:16

its so cute
hjty64 posted on 2007-09-25 05:39:39

it is the cutesed thing ever i luv it i realy dooooooooooooooo
Guest posted on 2007-08-26 02:00:02

it is sooooooooooooooooo
destiny posted on 2007-08-11 03:48:55

When is he auditioning for the toilet paper commercial! He is so d@*/$ perfect!!
Shannonn posted on 2007-07-11 03:53:49

its so darn cuet
poopy posted on 2007-07-08 03:41:47

Cutest thang I ever seen!!! She looks like my aunt's dog in a puppy form!!!
Leah posted on 2007-07-08 01:50:36

Awww! That puppy is just so precious. Can I keep you? Gosh, I want one! So cute! :]]
animalluver4eva posted on 2007-07-01 06:16:38

danny suleminian posted on 2007-06-20 07:54:07

This is the cutest dog i have ever seen i got it as my wallpaper!Everybody to get this wallpaper,right click the picture then set as backround.No problem.!
Kendra posted on 2007-06-11 22:09:14

omg, i love your dog and like i said not cute as my puppy hahahhaa! i am so corny lol anywayz !NICE DOG!
jasmine posted on 2007-05-21 01:28:17

OMG!!! he is so cute,but not as cute as my dog hahaha! im jus kiddin
Guest posted on 2007-05-21 01:27:01

Boy oh boy, with a face like that you are going to atract all the male or female puppies easily, so the next time i see this cute puppy i won't be suprised when another cutie comes along as well!CUTIE!
Guest posted on 2007-05-08 22:32:25

he is so cute... wanna take him home.
zeynep posted on 2007-04-23 19:14:55

Guest posted on 2007-03-18 00:25:48

he iz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oops i forgot he was sleeping shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
baby posted on 2007-01-14 05:33:53

tttttttttttttthhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt is sooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute
strawberry posted on 2006-12-16 22:01:03

how do i get it on my computer it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee??????>???
natlie Cleveland posted on 2006-12-13 00:50:59

Guest posted on 2006-12-13 00:48:53

awwwwwwwwwww it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........cute and i jut love dogs!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiffany posted on 2006-12-09 02:37:10

awwwweeee! that's so cute!
Chanel posted on 2006-12-03 05:58:35

so cute
doggystyle posted on 2006-12-01 22:20:57

u-g-l-y-you aint gor=t no alibi you ugly ya ya you ugly!(just kiding this is the cutest thing i ever seen!)
meanest5 posted on 2006-11-23 22:43:15

he is so ug...i mean cute.(yeah right!)
zccccccccccxxx posted on 2006-11-23 22:40:46

this dog is the cuuuuuuuuuuutes in the world!!!!! He is cuter than mine and mine looks just like that.
halee posted on 2006-11-17 04:15:21

aaawwww its so frekin cute but not as cute as mine!!! hehehe
Brittany posted on 2006-11-07 17:04:19

the puppy is sooooooooooooooo cute i realy want to take him home and sleep with him and everything.
Alana posted on 2006-10-03 02:16:29

Guest posted on 2006-08-15 19:46:21

superrr sladurskooo00ooo
norks posted on 2006-08-02 05:24:28

bob is cool
bob posted on 2006-08-01 12:09:53

he is soooooooooooo*ADORBLE*********** SHHH.....
briana posted on 2006-07-27 18:51:56

oh look is'nt he sooooooooooooooooo cute xxxXXXxxx he's asleep zZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz!!!!!
Guest posted on 2006-07-27 13:32:10

courtz posted on 2006-07-26 20:48:01

its so adorable! it looks just lyk mine when she was little pup! my dog's a golden retriever!! ****************ADORABLE!***************
S.O.S posted on 2006-07-24 04:07:39

Pictures speak a thousand words. This one speaks one- ADORABLE!!!!!
Rebecca posted on 2006-07-21 22:28:10

b mnnnnnnnnnnnbm
jbkhg posted on 2006-07-19 18:28:22

awww he's so adorable i wanna take him home and cuddle him all day long. he's the cutest little wittle puppy i've ever seen
sophie posted on 2006-06-29 18:58:22

AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! wook at da wittle puppy... hes so ccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
temple_sarah posted on 2006-06-10 04:45:09

itz sooo adoreable
Guest posted on 2006-06-07 18:32:05

Awwwwwwww, it's so CUTE! Can I bring it home? Pretty Please Mommy!!!
Daddy's Girl posted on 2006-06-04 23:06:59

i just love dis pic it is so fluffy and reli cute
emma posted on 2006-05-10 18:59:42

It's so fluffy I just wanna touch it! :)
Twin posted on 2006-04-22 17:48:23

i luv dis puppy his so cccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
fleur posted on 2006-04-03 18:29:39

this is sooooooooooooo cute i love it i have a dog its name is tucker it is a miniture yorkie i love urs to sincerly,11 year old lisa martin
lisa martin posted on 2006-04-01 22:29:14

omg it's so cuteeeeeeeee !!!!!!!
Ellis posted on 2006-04-01 18:49:07

Awwwww to cute
Guest posted on 2006-04-01 09:03:21

it pretty
kayla posted on 2006-03-25 00:24:32

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (I'm out of breath, so I'll just say infinity aww)
hailey posted on 2006-03-23 23:15:48

this puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable ! how can u not like him!!!!!????
marissa posted on 2006-03-19 22:04:12

this puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable ! how can u not like him!!!!!????
marissa posted on 2006-03-19 21:58:39

this puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable ! how can u not like him!
marissa posted on 2006-03-19 21:58:03

kate posted on 2006-01-19 01:00:50

It is out of the world............... the cutest of all
Kannu posted on 2006-01-12 08:51:36

Boy oh boy, with a face like that you are going to atract all the male or female puppies easily, so the next time i see this cute puppy i won't be suprised when another cutie comes along as well!CUTIE!
Merryweather posted on 2005-12-29 22:43:22

soooo freakin presious!!!!!!!
sammy posted on 2005-12-27 07:00:07

he looks exactly like mine when she was a pup! no joke!! she's adorable!!
Jenyphr posted on 2005-12-21 04:19:37

soooooo cute soooooooooo mine
MANDEEP posted on 2005-12-18 18:02:00

It is so cute:) I want it 4 one of my pets.
Lynn posted on 2005-12-13 01:12:27

adorable...i want it 4 my pet...
kat posted on 2005-12-12 09:25:01

the dog is soooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want one like it
bridget and bailey posted on 2005-11-05 02:18:46

BRITTANIE posted on 2005-11-03 22:21:42

Aww... he is so cute,he's mine only mine.
lil_heart_breaker posted on 2005-10-16 02:14:11

Awww...he is so cute i wanna just like eat him up he would be the best dog ever!
Mia posted on 2005-10-12 17:42:57

I want to take home, he's adorable
marleen posted on 2005-10-12 01:55:20

That is so cute!!!
Katherine posted on 2005-10-09 21:47:04

wish i have him i wanna take him home
sherlyn posted on 2005-10-07 14:14:22

he is so cute awwww! i wish i have him
sherlyn posted on 2005-10-07 14:13:23

OMG Can I take him home!
Bex posted on 2005-09-25 19:33:12

he (or she) is like sooooo adorable! i could huggle him up forever!
Mischa Miami posted on 2005-09-15 08:21:19

oh... she is so.. he is so... is it she or he..?
kukung posted on 2005-08-08 12:55:24

Diana posted on 2005-08-02 02:07:54

Aisha posted on 2005-07-31 05:10:16

isnt he the cutest?
ashlee simpson posted on 2005-07-30 22:48:44

oh,he is so nice!!!!
Alina posted on 2005-07-19 15:03:27

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