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Desktop wallpaper for free, Chicago Skyline
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Chicago Skyline
Free blue desktop wallpaper
Chicago Skyline
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-01-18
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I am a native New Yorker, born and raised. I been to this great city once for a Sox game and HAVE to go back. (need to see the cubbies) Ive been to many cities, but, this is by far my favorite.
rich posted on 2010-08-13 09:58:47

Hey STUPID,(joseph)Its called the "second city" because it was built twice. Once before and once after the great chicago fire of 1871
Andrew posted on 2010-06-26 03:37:28

I was born in the city and grew up in the suburbs. I moved to Austin, TX 28 years ago. I visit Chicago 2-3 times a year to see friends and I've been trying to "go home" permanently (I just need a job!) Austin's beautiful, but it's not Chicago.
Katy posted on 2010-06-23 23:48:16

Salfran you took the words right out of my mouth! Only Port Richey not St. Pete. and 45 years instead of 40. Florida sucks! Hope to get back to stay this spring!!!
Blondie posted on 2009-12-29 07:14:14

Living in Texas and I miss you Chicago. I tell people all the time you are not just a place but a special place. In the end, I'll be moving back because you are a part of my soul and I cannot live without you because you are HOME.
Peter posted on 2009-12-04 05:15:02

After 40 years of living in Chicago (Goudy Grammar Schoo, Senn High, Eastern Illinois University, National Louis Graduate School) I relocated to St Pete, FL. This place sucks!!! They don't even know how to make pizza here. The Rays stink, The Bucs smell, The get my drift.
Salfran posted on 2009-11-23 14:33:34

chi town bitches go sox
gdg posted on 2009-10-02 01:04:17

We are the 1st city not 2nd city!
Joseph Taylor posted on 2009-08-24 17:30:16

Like Sandy, I now live in Florida. Each time I return home to Chicago it's more difficult to leave. When I was home this summer I was struck by the beauty, familiarity, neighborhoods,and cleanliness, but the friendly people everywhere, especially downtown, was the so wonderful. Oh, and the 70-80 degree DRY air was absolutely refreshing. How I miss home!
Mary posted on 2009-08-22 00:00:14

I have to relocate to Kentucky and have been away from Chicago for three years. I miss Chicago SOOOO much. There is no home like Chicago. Chicago is very upbeat and everyone that I talk to down here in Kentucky ask me why did you ever want to leave Chicago. I would have if it wasn't because of my JOB.
Amber posted on 2009-07-25 20:07:14

I live in Florida now, but Chicago will always be my home. I have to say the winter's are hard to take..but looking at the whole picture, well worth it. I miss you Chicago.
Sandy posted on 2009-06-22 20:46:30

love my home town chicago!! CUBBIES!!!
chris posted on 2009-04-29 22:39:38

sweet home chicago!!!!!! I'll be back one of these days.......miss ya!!!!!
carol posted on 2009-02-25 21:11:42

there is no place like chicago. it is so great,and its a lovely place to be in,and the people of chicago are very friendly and positive.
assria abe posted on 2009-02-02 06:24:42

chicago is absolutely the city of the future,the present,and the past.
haroon posted on 2009-02-02 05:58:45

Chicago is the best city in the U.S. GO WHITE SOX!!!!!
AW posted on 2009-01-30 22:17:06

I love chi-town!
T posted on 2009-01-18 15:49:02

chicago my home town baby Theres nothing like it Cubiesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest posted on 2008-10-19 02:11:18

There is no city like Chicago! Every season is absolutely breath-taking. And they have the best pizza!!!
Tim Smith posted on 2008-08-29 01:11:13

Guest posted on 2008-08-26 05:28:41

I lived in Chicago during my childhood, I miss my family and all the cool parties that this city has. House Music and the Chicago White Sox. My Team.
Art posted on 2008-08-14 16:18:27

Guest posted on 2008-07-28 10:39:30

I've been to chicago about 15 times love the city the way of life no where is perfect but for me Chicago tops the lot...i live in the united kingdom but chicago beats it hand's down
Dv posted on 2008-07-23 18:19:35

I lived my first 30 years in Chicago and that town is 'still' Absolutely Beautiful. I went back and forth from Tampa to Chicago regularly for awhile,(because I have relatives there), but, I haven't been there in a while, this picture makes me want to pack right now.
Donald Lewis posted on 2008-07-08 22:15:47

What a nice pic! I miss Chicago so much, no matter how much snow or cold it gets. We had to move to Florida. Please, before anyone says anything, Florida is not that great. I miss my cold weather, the food, sites,culture, Chicago has it all. World Class, can't find that here in Florida only palm trees. So unless you absolutly have to move to Florida (I didn't have a choice my husband had a job transfer)think about it. I so want him to transfer back. Chicago..the BEST!
Barbara posted on 2007-12-29 07:22:59

Born and raised in Da Chi. Moved to San Diego four years ago. The people in Chicago are the salt of the Earth. The food is the best. That small town feeling you get from each neighborhood is unequivocally unique. Add in the second largest financial district in America and TRUE sports fans makes it tough to beat. Living in California (the land of perpetual spring & summer)... I truly miss the changing of the seasons !
Jose Rompeculo posted on 2007-12-12 21:30:16

Ive been living in NYC for almost 40 years. I go home (Chicago) WHENEVER I CAN. I love my home town and I miss it so much. I only wish I could move back. Id live on Chicago hotdogs and Italian beef sandwiches for the rest of my life if I could.Its the best damn city in the USA bar none!!
FRKCHICAGO posted on 2007-11-29 23:31:36

I left Chicago when I got married to a military man. I've traveled to many places, but I still miss Chicago. My husband is getting out of the militay in 2 years just so we can move back. I can't wait!
Noris posted on 2007-10-24 20:53:33

I miss my home. I left to go traveling for a few years. Dublin, UK etc. Found a wonderful woman in Dublin. The sad thing is I have to sacrifice Chicago for her. I never thought it but having left Chicago and knowing I will not be moving back makes it so hard, I miss it so much. I can truely tell that she is the one because of this. A city almost won over my love.
Ryan posted on 2007-09-04 23:52:37

Please add me : the-boy-daniel at hotmail dot com i love so music Chicago,but i live in switzerland and i want talk with a person who live in chicago. thanks
Daniel posted on 2007-08-06 20:42:49

KINGSLEY posted on 2007-06-27 20:35:35

Finally an excellent pic in seriously high resolution, thank you!
Chicago Waynoe posted on 2007-06-22 02:37:07

I've been to many cities in the country INCLUDING chicago and I can tell you Chicago was disgusting.. Boston has culture apparently you have never been to the north end. Like any other big city in the world it has it's slummy parts but it has great parts as well. Name one big city in the country that doesn't have parts that are dirty and old OR expensive!!! Chicago hurt my eyes, go back to the mid-west we dont need you anyways!
Boston Pride posted on 2007-05-31 03:13:02

I moved from Chicago to Boston recently for the job, and people say to me all the time how great Boston is. Well, Boston sucks. Dirty, old, falling down and expensive. How I miss Chicago! My dream city on the lake! I used to live right in Lincoln Park, right at the end of Diversey at Sheridan and I miss it so much! Boston has a worse winter because it doesn't snow, it just slushes, and the city is so ugly it hurts my eyes. Someday Chicago, someday!
Brian posted on 2007-05-22 23:25:38

Born and Raised! I just cant think of a better city to live than Chicago a.k.a The Official Chi-Town. It's food, culture, business opportunities, and the wonderful people who live here... It's The Best!!
T. Arnezz posted on 2007-05-10 17:59:18

I moved down to southern illinois (which is a whole different country I swear) I miss the city the diversity THE FOOD!! I will move back someday It is the most beautiful city
Kathleen posted on 2007-02-26 03:05:17

Just moved from Chicago to Boston after living there for 4 years. I miss the city so much I am moving back within the year!
Brian posted on 2007-01-21 03:57:43

I lived in Chicago for 30 years and recently moved to Las Vegas and people say it Beautifull here with the mountains,if I could id move back to Chicago any day snow or no snow
Jim posted on 2006-12-03 02:57:28

Actually, Kenny, if you are over 25, then you were born in the 2nd largest city in the United States (continental and non-continental), which Chicago was at the time, before the illegal immigration economy, real estate boom and other factors pushed Los Angeles into the second spot.
SweetHomeChicago posted on 2006-10-16 13:26:08

I have lived in Chicago for 16 years, and i can say that it is the most beautiful place in the world. If anyone has never been, i urge you to go and check it out. The sights and the culture that is present make this city distinct from every other one in the world. The diversity in the city makes it one of the most multicultural cities in the United States. I am proud to say that i was born and raised in the third largest city in the continental U.S.
Kenny posted on 2006-09-13 22:34:18

Chicago, is absolutely one of the most beautiful places on Earth. (but it's not a country, ahem) I have the pleasure of living here, but i really reccomend coming here if you have some extra money, and time.. and see what Chicago has to offer :)
nikkie from chicago posted on 2006-09-13 00:15:50

Chicago is the most beautiful city in the U.S. I miss it very much.
Courtney posted on 2006-09-10 04:08:19

Chicago.....Is this heaven???
T posted on 2006-09-03 21:11:22

I couldn't help but sigh when i read, 'Chicago: The greatest country on earth.' Picture is alrite though!
Guest posted on 2006-08-23 09:17:06

Please take a moment to read all the comments prior to mine. Are they not the stupidest things you've ever read? Especially the guy from Texas. What a stupid-geek...
Ben Brown posted on 2006-08-12 10:25:36

This is a really good one. Chicago at its splendour.
Thomas posted on 2006-06-25 17:04:41

Its cool i like dis picture
manica posted on 2006-05-17 18:13:32

not that great of a pic but its okay.
Guest posted on 2006-04-29 03:42:55

once again, proof that America has what it takes to be THE country of the decade in the past, present, AND future. All this, and Im from Texas!
19ghost77 posted on 2006-04-06 20:36:14

Chicago: The greatest country on earth.
Guest posted on 2006-04-04 07:04:11

I'm proud to have seen it with my own eyes
russian lady posted on 2005-12-03 16:08:29

This is one of the most beautiful shots i've seen. ty!
lisagattino posted on 2005-11-10 01:17:12

the powoer of God's representative on earth
Guest posted on 2005-06-21 06:31:08

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