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Fre desktop background, Celebrity Charlize In Pink
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Celebrity Charlize In Pink
Free female celebrity desktop wallpaper
Celebrity Charlize In Pink
uploaded by nico_s.africa on 2009-05-01
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Hey you --->> `Guy#4` --->> u slimy fucker, pansy-boy who will see no WAR ACTION who prolly can't shoot a WATER PISTOL .. Vietnam is nothing to LOL ABOUT!! -YOU GET THAT, KID?!!!???? I WAS THERE!! I AM A 'NAM VET!!! .. YOU piss'ant little boy who ain't seen NUTHIN' .. who will prolly SEEE NUTHIN' in your lifetime you fucking little waste of space .. the VET should put YOU down!!
'nam veteran posted on 2009-08-19 01:25:30

Yep ... sure is something, her .. hey BUBBA you ain't no Vet!! (whatsh doin' on this here site?).. well maybe a 'Nam vet? LOL ain't you got no cow p**** to examine ... LOL
guy #4 posted on 2009-08-07 22:09:55

Irresistible .. totally, especially looking all innocent like this but, look, it's all in her eyes!! ;=)
yet_another_guy posted on 2009-05-24 14:55:01

Hot Damn!! Just made for wet dreams .........yep that color just makes her sweeter 'n juicier than if she was naked !!
nuther-guy posted on 2009-05-14 23:58:59

Wow ... Wayyy too much eye-candy .. a guy could stuff himself FULL !! she's got lips like no other actress ..a little quirky on the corners. YUM
a guy posted on 2009-05-13 13:12:15

well now lets see.. ya gotta blow this thang up REEAAL BIG to see dose words dere and dey sure don' make no good godam sence ta me cos i think myself i dinnit have me enuff skoolin' me .. but she sure IS some doggone damn purty lady dat gurl!! (lol j/k! I'm actually a BVSc. - that's a VET. y'all. Y'know? An Animal Doctor? Looking at this WOMAN... I think I should've gone for a Gynacologist !! Hmmmmmm-mm!!;))
_BUBBA..2_ posted on 2009-05-10 21:33:11

WTF? Where the hell has JURKOFF been hiding this beautiful woman???
man_luvs_women posted on 2009-05-10 17:03:41

This is THE most beautiful colour I've seen her in... Dankie Nic. ou maat.
anton_za posted on 2009-05-08 23:21:05

Eine schöne Frau!! ... sie will mich!
jurgen_de posted on 2009-05-04 20:13:47

O ja!! Ons uitstekend skone!! Dankie!!
jaques posted on 2009-05-03 23:03:52

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