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Desktop wallpaper for free, Ying Yang
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Ying Yang
Free blue desktop wallpaper
Ying Yang
uploaded by anonymous on 2005-05-10
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yin yang can be colord black or red the point of it is "bad" and "good" good is alwise wite and bad is red\ black so HA and HA
Guest posted on 2009-07-28 01:06:08

I have a tattoo across my pussy like that
Alyssa Milione posted on 2009-04-21 00:14:44

While not in the traditional eastern colors, the creativite and beauty are worthy of respect.
Booka posted on 2008-09-11 02:42:02

it sucks. it should be black and white
cheeze posted on 2008-08-04 06:18:22

no man thats no imagination. yin yang must have a black&white background.
s0uL_t@kEr posted on 2008-07-25 21:02:41

i like it color white and black
yin yang posted on 2008-05-11 08:05:56

ASH posted on 2007-12-11 20:14:53

I suspect it's actually the Tai ch'i symbol, although it's comprised of the yin & yang elements. The exercise (martial art?) is Tai ch'i chuan. Well, so I've heard?!
Pip posted on 2007-08-29 18:26:27

It's ok I like it but I would like it with diffrent coler.
star posted on 2007-06-26 02:35:41

Bellissimo. Tao
pier posted on 2007-05-29 20:55:19

this is very classy, i like it.
priscilla licon posted on 2007-05-17 04:11:02

Its called a Yin Yang not a ying!!!
Joe King posted on 2007-02-27 04:08:52

try yin yang pleb
bail69 posted on 2007-02-19 18:59:35

i have a tat on my butt like that
Guest posted on 2007-02-14 23:28:06

i have a tatoo just like this....:)
berzerker posted on 2007-02-04 09:16:42

absolutely serene
tmj posted on 2006-12-04 20:37:14

sas posted on 2006-08-28 04:08:12

P.s. my e-mail adress: wi.haan at planet dot nl
Willem de Haan posted on 2006-03-06 12:28:19

Dear Divani & Martica I would like to create a web page (“home”) for my business to be: “Marmer Medium”. As “wall-paper” I would like to see a beautiful mountain. In the middle a Yin Yang sign, like you made so beautiful, but now made from two marbles: Statuario Venato (White with veins) and Nero Marguina (Black with veins) In the left black half (Nero Marquina) the white (Statuario Venato) Spot, should have the word “Marmer” engraved in black (Nero Marquina) letters. In the right white half (Statuario Venato) the black (Nero Marquina) Spot, should have the word “Medium” engraved in white (Statuario Venato) letters. On top of the page there should be 9 small “cirkels”, which are showing: - Effen Natuursteen. (uni colors) - Patroonvloeren. (pattern floors) - Bont Natuursteen. (Colorfull Natural stone) - Mozaïek. (Mosaics) - Restant vloeren. (rest floors) - Meubilair / Curiosa. (furniture / curiosa) - Onderhoud. (preservation) - Links. - Contact. At the bottom of the page should be written: “The Earth is our limit” Are you able to produce a page like this? And if so, what is your best price? Hope to hear from you, Willem de Haan Soest Holland P.s. If you send me your e-mail adress, I can send some pictures, which possible can be used.
Willem de Haan posted on 2006-03-06 12:26:34

The forces of yin-yang arise from a belief in dualism, a state in which the universe is seemingly equally divided into two opposing but equal forces. The dualistic world of yin-yang, however, is not seen as good versus bad. It is divided along other lines. Yang, represented by the white in the yin-yang symbol, stands for the creative principle, while yin, represented by black, is dissolution and return (to creation). Yang came to represent hot, dry, male, light, hardness, movement and initiative. Yin symbolizes coolness, moistness, female, darkness, softness, stillness and receptivity. The yin and yang forces are believed to be cyclical, moving and evolving into each other, represented by the white dot on the black yin side of the symbol, and by the black dot on the white yang side. In this view, the universe depends on the interaction between these two forces which arise from the Tao. Yin and yang also became a part of the I Ching, a form of divination. These values extend to a classification of foods, organs in the body, plants, etc. as either yin or yang. The macrobiotic diet, first popular in the late sixties and the seventies, is based on the division of food into their yin and yang properties. The way to be content is to balance between these two forces and thus find harmony in the Tao. If the yin-yang forces in the body get unbalanced, then illness results. So it's sort of not about the color as more of about the balance and harmony... it can truly be any color. As long as you have balance..
Cutie Ü posted on 2005-11-27 21:26:51

Divani & Martica
Guest posted on 2005-11-23 07:56:49

The measure of love is to love without measure.
Guest posted on 2005-11-03 23:57:42

Stunning Image , the colours are un-important
The Baron posted on 2005-09-30 02:21:05

Great image..but not really yin yang.Wheres the black and white, which yin yang is renowned for.
Jeremy Newman posted on 2005-06-13 11:23:20

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