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wallpapers pic
Free nature blue desktop wallpaper
wallpapers pic
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-01-22
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its really magic ...... save earth
vishal pandit posted on 2010-02-19 06:22:23

i wonder how deep it is...
bunnybear posted on 2010-01-25 04:17:48

Nice pic, but are a terrible monster in the bottom.
TooMuchMovies posted on 2009-11-12 13:11:15

who took it?
hgyf posted on 2008-10-30 04:58:03

this is cool.thank for breath taking photo. It's nice to share a world with others.
cassie posted on 2008-09-17 04:17:14

heyy mann,amazing,breathtaking!!smbdy tmme were is this place,i wanna there atleast once in ma life time
sanjanaa posted on 2008-07-28 09:06:12

It is Neversink Pit. It is in northeast Alabama. If I remember correctly it is 162' deep and about the same opening at its widest point at the top. It is an absolutely beautiful place. Best seen in Mid to late summer when all the ferns are in full growth. I have rappeled it many times!
Marc posted on 2008-03-16 03:39:03

wow cool i love it where is it who cares this scene is totally rad ##!@$%^&*
speechless posted on 2008-02-24 09:56:52

Where is this?! I want to vacation there!
Clo posted on 2007-12-21 17:50:52

just amazing so out of this world!
peter posted on 2007-12-08 22:31:46

Are you shure it's our world? Where is this place? I have to go there. Thanks for sharing with us.
vittorio posted on 2007-12-04 22:15:48

X marks the spot,,, beutiful
odin posted on 2007-09-29 19:24:44

i can't descibe it's beauty
leah posted on 2007-06-30 18:57:50

Divine, no words for it. No beggining, no end, just eternal beauty...
Alina posted on 2007-06-30 11:28:05

kt and proud of it posted on 2007-06-20 00:33:16

it's awesome and braethtaking... it makes you want to be there!!!
Sunny posted on 2007-05-11 03:34:33

Exceptional! Excellent! Fantastic! Exciting! Wonderful! Magic! Perfect!
Anny posted on 2007-04-01 19:37:36

It's gorgeous, breathless
Krystle posted on 2007-03-30 04:22:08

Great picture accept kinda ruins it with the writing at the bottom :(
balls..ballies.. posted on 2006-12-30 08:47:22

how beautiful! Thank you Lord for such gorgeous creations.
Rebecca posted on 2006-08-21 14:37:41

It's a real gift to be able to experience such wonders of this world. I thank you very much for sharing this with us.
a northern girl posted on 2006-08-07 15:46:24

thanks for the wallpaper its very pretty...
cindy posted on 2006-07-15 18:44:46

very nice thanks
eazyone posted on 2006-07-03 00:16:58

Relly cool picture !@#$!@!@
Laris posted on 2006-06-14 14:11:57

love this one.. thank u, NatGeo guys..
ratnapgb indonesia posted on 2006-01-30 16:44:35

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