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famous wallpaper
Free desktop wallpaper
famous wallpaper
uploaded by Guest on 2007-01-15
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fUcK Da rEd LeAvE iT As bLaCk oR ChAnGe iT To LuE Gee aNy wAyZ It lOoKz gAnGz
Guest posted on 2010-08-04 05:48:19

this is a peace of shit that some one slamed agenst the wall
Guest posted on 2010-06-30 03:11:43

it dose look like shite
Guest posted on 2010-06-30 03:08:18

make one in red maybe it would look bad ass
sam posted on 2010-06-13 07:15:24

it look like shit
sam posted on 2010-06-13 07:12:39

:( itz ok but at da sametime itz bad azz! :)
Angel posted on 2010-05-17 03:13:36

itz ok but itz not sumthing i wud put on myspace
LoL posted on 2010-05-17 03:09:48

dis piece uv shit can suck on my ass
NONE YA posted on 2010-05-17 03:02:44

omg this is sumthing i would have on my myspace its fukin bad azz
payasa posted on 2009-09-14 20:06:07

that shit cool
edward posted on 2009-08-08 05:16:53

very bad
chris posted on 2009-05-30 02:42:28

It look very emo...
MensiS posted on 2009-04-17 23:36:15

that junt is sexxxxxxy =)
D posted on 2009-02-24 01:10:31

freaking tight
Guest posted on 2009-01-25 06:53:14

coolest ever
jax posted on 2009-01-24 17:00:52

black n white rocking
dinesh posted on 2008-12-22 14:49:59

ta mi style
Ray posted on 2008-10-27 03:22:18

thats ugly and gay
peyton posted on 2008-10-11 18:16:57

tha rocks
Kyle posted on 2008-10-11 03:12:53

Thats aswome
Ray posted on 2008-10-11 03:10:29

tha nice
verpu posted on 2008-08-23 06:18:28

nick posted on 2008-06-16 13:53:53

its not o my gosh but its coo
tianna posted on 2008-04-15 00:12:37

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