Computer wallpaper, PC wallpaper, Bengal Tiger in Snow
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Desktop wallpaper, desktop wallpaper, Bengal Tiger in Snow
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Bengal Tiger in Snow
Free animals desktop wallpaper
Bengal Tiger in Snow
uploaded by Steven Young on 2006-12-10
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Shru posted on 2010-08-06 10:22:00

go bengals!!!!!!!!!!!!
goofywoofy posted on 2010-02-23 16:22:58

They are PERRRFECT and so beautiful..... lets protect them!!!!!
Vecelka posted on 2010-02-11 23:03:10

Go Bengals!!!!
ZBoltz posted on 2009-11-13 05:21:37

oh yea sry
nikki posted on 2009-04-19 03:23:25

uh u mean graceful
goofy posted on 2009-04-19 03:22:59

nikki posted on 2009-04-19 03:22:04

The cutest thing ever!!
guest posted on 2009-04-18 21:55:54

i have never seen a tiger like this.......... it is the most prettiest tiger i ever seen!! luv ya tiger
valorie posted on 2009-01-19 23:09:25

tell the person nice job, but nice job finding it.
Guest posted on 2008-09-21 02:08:33

nice painting!! Nice job must have tooken you a long time, It almost looks real
Alex posted on 2008-09-21 02:07:56

You will never see a Tiger this good !!! .Because its fake ! Tiger usually have dirty lower jaw hair cause that usually gets caught with their food. But this one is immaculately white ?
brush strokes posted on 2008-08-01 08:46:35

I loved this Big cat
Aslam Mohammad posted on 2008-07-22 05:11:40

OMG!!!! i love this i just put it as my wallpaper! WOW!!!!
kittyluvr posted on 2008-07-22 04:27:07

joanna posted on 2008-07-22 03:04:50

Great pic, Noodle Man is fucking retard, groarrrr i'm gonna eat you imbecile...
Bon Jovi posted on 2008-07-05 14:25:35

tiger 5, doesn't look computerized to me, maybe touched up some, looks like fluffy white snow and he's hunting. still looks awesome!
many names posted on 2008-06-21 06:16:09

dawn this in may screem ilike
adrian posted on 2008-04-23 21:37:10

this tiger looks so fake and computerized but cute
Guest posted on 2008-01-06 01:31:43

GROAAAAR!!_ (thanks for the photo!!!) Friendly; Born_in_the_tigers's_year
fkcyber posted on 2007-08-31 02:04:59

Noodle Man was JOKING so chill out you IDIOTS.
Guest posted on 2007-08-11 19:57:29

noodle retard your an idiot tigers are rare expecially the white ones shame on you imbecile
what posted on 2007-08-09 04:58:48

Great picture. Felines are my favorite organisms. I agree with kamy: People like Noodle Man are imbeciles who have no respect for nature.
Panther posted on 2007-06-26 01:32:10

this is gorgeous!...oh but people like Noodle Man are idiots with no brains...soooo sad
kamy posted on 2007-06-24 23:39:44

LUCIE posted on 2007-03-22 05:13:23

LUCIE posted on 2007-03-22 05:12:34

He'd make a great rug in front of my fire place.
Noodle Man posted on 2007-03-10 14:55:47

What I mean is stuffies and posters and all!
Jade posted on 2007-02-17 18:16:13

Tigers are my favourite animal my whole bedroom is filled with them tigers tigers tigers!!!!
Jade posted on 2007-02-17 18:15:14

He is like me:beautifull and dangerous
Guest posted on 2007-02-13 15:01:40

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