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Wallpaper for Windows XP, XP wallpaper, Close-up Red Nose Pit Bull
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Close-up Red Nose Pit Bull
Free animals desktop wallpaper
Close-up Red Nose Pit Bull
uploaded by Tina on 2006-10-30
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awww so pretty, looks jus like my boy pitbull. I have 2 red nose pits, 1 is a girl and the other is a boy, the girl i found one day walking around , she was six months and u could see her rib bones, was dirty and everything, i felt so bad about her, so i decided to get her a check up and keep her. Now she is one year old she is very happy always after me ,a healthy dog and loves to play with the male dog
charlene posted on 2011-07-11 06:29:34

I have a pit bull myself and wouldn't change her for anything. I work with animals and these dogs are the sweetest you can find. I see more small dogs be aggressive. along with my pit I have 2 small dachshunds and my pit will let these 2 doxies do whatever they want to her. 1 of them licks her eye and she just lays there. It irratates me to see people breeding them to be dog fighters or just to sell them for money. Breed for the right enjoy having them in your life. I have even found 6 abandon pits outside my work. Luckly our animal control here took them in and hopely found good homes.
Jolly Evansville, IN posted on 2010-12-31 06:07:49

I am and have been a pitbull owner for 14 years. image of mine ubove. 100% none aggressive.. But caperble more than any other dog.Just a merjority of bad owners who have too much to prove. Mine plays with 8 chicken in back yard, and my 4 year old daughter. Who dresses her up in clothing, has painted her green & red!!! She walks freely off the leach, past other dogs even cats. We have had chicken eggs hatch and she is happy to sit with the chicks. These dogs need to be treated like any other breed. In my personal experance.. the breeds not to trust.. German Shepards, Rotweider,Spannels and Jack Rustles. Spannels & Jack Rustles tend to bite children, The others depending on there up bringing usally like to intimadate.. Pitbulls, were never ment to be man aggressive dogs. If they were.. they were killed.. end of. That line of breed would stop. Pitbulls were never bred for there looks. Just there ability. The Red nose was orignaly a mistake.. And was'nt a disired dog. The orignal breed was mainly white, with black & tan markings. KC breeds of today have so many problams, heart, eye sight, breathing, and most are not even pets. Just kept in kennels then cleaned up ready for next show. Its all about money. Line breeding.. breed standard all give dogs problams. The best example i can give is the British Bull Dog. orignaly the size of Mastive.. Now look..Short fat, cant breath.. just about span of 7 years. and £2000 for a puppy. When that was the most ferouchious dog england had in the 1700's. The Media, has a lot to do with the bad press a pitbull gets. But they just want to sell News papers..Money again. The Pitbull orignal comes from England. Not United States. They went to America with owners when England sent conaleys there. The Breed was invented by Lord Hamelton. When Queen Victoria banned bull baiting. So owners had dogs for this and had no pass time or if want to call it sport for there dogs. They did try and use the big heavy dog on each other, but fights were boring, and diddnt last very long. So dogs were reduced in size. Adding Kerry blue into the bull dog, making it a smaller more agile dog with much more aggression for entertainment.Kerry blue is an Irish guard dog!! not for the faint hearted.. And of course is a terrier,meaning earth.. This was the basics of the pitbull. And gives it the structure of today. Now we see the bullys.. lol if you like that sort of side kick of pitbull. 100lb dog OMG the start of problams. This breed was never ment to be more than 45lb fit. That was a heavy weight. and a light weight was 28lb. Keep your pitbull safe.. socialise with everything and anyone. Never beat your dog.. or any dog. Show love, affection. Rewards for behavior. Never wind your dog up.. Or let some one wind your dog up. Some People have sick sence of humour. As i found when i lived in WI, and they got bit by my dog. Look out for high protien food.. Avoid it!!! 18% protien is enough for your family pet. The ovious, go to the vet, injections ect. And most all remember, OUR breed is a good breed. But much more caperible than any other breed. So now you know this.. You have nothing to prove. You will then own your dog a long time and have no trouble. Goodluck enjoy your dog. Your dog loves you 100%
Pete in Uk posted on 2010-08-23 03:46:40

very very cute and lovley dog you should love them like eny other breeds
Guest posted on 2010-08-02 23:47:23

all pits are like every dog its how you treat them and train them don't hate the breed love the breed
Guest posted on 2010-01-23 17:37:50

i think they are like all dogs they r not fighting dog so how ever thinks that they r can go **** there self all dogs are loveing and i love all dogs i take care of a red nose every week and she is a loveable careing dog this dog was abused before and now the new owner and i have changed her she use to heart people but not no more and i hope no dog has to go's through what she did
angela .t. posted on 2009-11-02 23:55:57

Ilove red nose pitbulls they are not what people say about them they tell me that they should be fighter dogs or that all pitbulls will heart u watch it they say but do they ever think that its all on how u treat the dog or it the dog has been abused or that there a bad bread.
angela .t. posted on 2009-11-02 23:32:36

man people need 2 quit fightin pits bro dat aint right by tha way nice pit i got 5 of um naw i dnt fight dem
don dezzy posted on 2009-10-19 23:28:49

pepole dont fight pitbull they dont need to be tread that way what if you were treated that way you would not enjoy it would you so dont do it to them!
alexis posted on 2009-04-20 22:39:01

that dog is beautiful, i love all dogs but im obessed with the pitt breed. I have one pitt and i wanted to prove to everyone that there all not the same so far hes still a big baby even though he almost 1years old. I hope everyone in this world realises that pittbulls are amazing animals and they dont mean to hurt its just the way they where raised. I love each and every animal in this world i just wish everyone could just see the way i do. Thanks for letting me put my comment in.
Steph posted on 2009-03-01 22:34:47

I canít believe this looks just like my Spudie Buddy.. He is so handsome just like this bit bull.. They are such a good dog to have as a family dog.. Spudie was found in the rain and in a wet wash cloth almost dead he was 3 weeks old when I saved him.. I love both of my rescued bit bulls.
danalouise1971 posted on 2009-01-23 09:25:42

zERO posted on 2008-08-26 17:29:34

Beautiful pitkid The more people we can get involved the better so look up the registry web sites and support your local clubs plz get involved
preston @ pit city kennels posted on 2008-07-19 21:28:21

blake null posted on 2008-04-11 00:58:50

the dog is so cute its hard to believe this dog would hurt anyone..............
stacey posted on 2008-03-17 03:34:10

that is so cute punish the deed not the breed
jazz posted on 2008-03-17 03:32:39

OMG She looks just like my Lucy. Only Lucy has honey eyes and she is 4 mouths old. I don't see any mean in Lucy...I am a true believer in..."it how you raise a dog..." My smaller breed dog is much more violent then she is. I see smaller dogs attacking more often then pit bulls do...please need to stop mistreating them I say.
Cecilia posted on 2007-09-27 01:54:33

Even though my father brought me up to never trust a pit bull, I have slightly gone against his wishes. I have always thought that these dogs were captivating in their own special way. Even though they are labeled as 'mean, cold hearted' creatures, I think they are beautiful. :]]
animalluver4eva posted on 2007-07-02 02:00:14

I also have a Red Nose Pitbull. Her name is April and she is sweet,playful and gentle around anyone. My grandson who is 5yrs old loves her to death and crys everytime he leaves because he cannot take (his pet) per my grandson, home. If she comes up missing I know where to look. Her favorite treat is watermelon.....GO FIGURE!!!!
Nadyne posted on 2007-06-30 19:29:06

I love pitbulls i had 4 of them so far and i never had any problems with them.They are the most loyal breed.I had some wild parties at my house years ago and still i never had a dog even snap at anyone.I never miss treated them either i guess that's why i never had problems with them!!!!ok thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in !!!:)
DiRtY_CrAcKa posted on 2007-04-26 03:19:30

I love this dog,and have about ten pitbulls at my house but I don't fight them. But holla at cha later.
Shanice Vance posted on 2007-01-12 19:46:52

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