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lord krishna
Free black desktop wallpaper
lord krishna
uploaded by tiktam on 2006-09-20
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vaibhav gupta posted on 2011-04-16 12:35:02

shefali......... posted on 2010-08-31 17:47:35

gopal u r my soul , i love u
vishal kaushik posted on 2009-12-23 11:12:46

krishana is a favourite god we are love the god krishana
v.s.p posted on 2009-08-01 14:06:39

lord krishana is a favourite god
sudharshana posted on 2009-07-26 08:53:54

hara krishana krishana krishana hara hara hara rama hara rama hara ramahara hara is a great slogan of lord krishana. we are giving a special vote for our lord and the lord giving a special blessing so we are loving lord krishana we are love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
sudharshana posted on 2009-07-25 13:27:37

krishana is a famous of the world the slogan 'Hara krishana krishana hara'is the famous slogan of the world.we are love the lord krishana. by sudharshana,shruthi, keerthana, harish, nandhini,vardhini, vishal krishana, vignesh and krishanaveni.
sudharshana posted on 2009-07-19 13:14:29

un kuzhal oosaiyil en kaathai kulire vaiththaai,
geethai krishna. posted on 2009-05-29 19:41:34

u r smthng special 4 me.u r de 1 giving happy 4 me n sometime make me cry.cuz, i'm waiting here 4 your love my lord krishna......
a loveble devotee 2009 posted on 2009-05-29 19:36:24

master of all gods.....
HARI KRISHNA YADAV posted on 2009-02-02 05:20:43

praise the lord krishna....he is ruling this world... hare sri krishna.. KRISHNA BHAGWAN KI JAI..
bhavchandu posted on 2008-12-04 18:25:33

GITA posted on 2008-05-06 19:38:54

hey looser!! i think u shud hav atleast tht much of shame 2 speak bout this beautiful god...he is so beautiful..anyways moron u don know his powers...HARE KRISHNA.
Guest posted on 2008-02-18 22:41:22

Hindu religion is not a joke either.. it is the oldest religion in the world, I believe in Christianity as well as Hinduism, but will never leave my roots from where I come from... peace out loser.
Guest posted on 2007-11-11 02:32:56

I see we have the typical western stereo typing, ignorant, self rightous comments going on here when they do nothing to explore or understand diff. cultures around the world or take time to think before they open they're mouth and make a very bad comment.
Guest posted on 2007-11-11 02:30:59

Ow yah I was being sarcastic with tha first comment I no his a man because I lived at India for 5yrs and been a Hare Krishna for 16yrs and yah I found out that religion is a JOKE a cruel one so I have no respect for that TRANY :D
yours truly ~(GOD)~ :) posted on 2007-06-15 13:20:05

So help me out here is Krishna a man or a chick? > Well he or should I say thing looks like a cross dresser any wayZ ~PEACE OUT MY CHILD~ from yah truly God :)
GOD posted on 2007-06-15 12:58:59

No Way looser!!! ur da (thing) without any eyes! lol...i think that ur da one who needs to get ur eyes checked coz u cant tell da difference between a man & a u call urself God! Jack Ass...Get ur facts right first b4 addin a comment!
Krishna_Devotee posted on 2007-06-04 19:40:43

Wow!! WTF! is that a DUDE or a chick Hmmm? No way its a (((THING))) lol aint Krishna ment to be BLUE ? LOL Jack asses
GOD posted on 2007-05-03 22:40:39

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