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Desktop wallpaper for free, redhead girl
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redhead girl
Free red brown desktop wallpaper
redhead girl
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-03-15
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im a redhead. i have gray eyes and NO freakles. not every redhead has them.Most do, but NOT all.
kiki posted on 2011-01-16 23:40:45

i am a red head with blue eyes and that is not how red heads look i think she died it. To make the color you put red, brown, yellow, and orange together to make red hair. were are the freakles.
Guest posted on 2010-12-01 01:56:26

her eyes crazy me.
mughal posted on 2009-12-27 11:46:50

i am naser suka from kosovo i have drawe your picture in granitte is an wonderfull picture if you are interesed see your picture pls write me in my imel or
naser posted on 2009-12-22 19:31:50

very beautiful girl it is definately a work of art and yea it looks like the word sex is in there but i don't think its on purpose
twistedma posted on 2008-11-26 16:43:29

Yep some of ya apparently have never had a real true green eyed girl. Because if you have you'd know their eyes never STAY green all the time... they are shifting back and forth usually in my experience, somewhere between an ice or steel blue and green. and AWESOME picture... I want her to have my kittens!
Kusuriya posted on 2008-05-22 17:14:09

Wow, you guys are fucking stupid, thinking she's pretty is one thing, wanting her number is diff. This is artwork drawn/edited by an artist
Josh posted on 2008-04-10 23:32:16

hey thats not true. im a natural redhead and my eyes sometimes are green and sometimes blue. it depends on (A) my mood and (B) the lighting around me and (C) what color clothes im wearing. any TRUE redhead would know that it sometimes does that
cris posted on 2008-04-09 11:11:34

real true red heads have sexy brown eyes!
minx posted on 2008-03-26 03:57:13

red hair and green eyes... unta..
kael posted on 2008-03-23 18:28:29

begging to resque humanity
dipanjana posted on 2008-03-18 12:48:57

Looks nice especially from afar but there's something....
SIEGE!!! posted on 2008-03-17 11:51:07

its not that great
samantha posted on 2008-02-02 05:28:18

Yeah, it says "sex" in front of her eyes, in her hair.
porsche posted on 2008-01-09 07:17:07

i think either green or blue, the fullness of the eyes just completes the work- shes very beautiful
crazy posted on 2008-01-07 22:37:25

She looks like a non-anorexic Olsen twin
pyche posted on 2007-08-17 04:57:57

such beautiful girl;] i love red heads girls;]
exor posted on 2007-08-13 12:13:16

this is a beautiful girl! sexy und sweety really! i love this picture! bye
bad girl posted on 2007-06-10 23:46:44

green eyes for the real devil! :F
jungleboy posted on 2007-06-06 15:40:24

I am positive it says the word Sex in her hair. Its on level with her eyes. You see it?
Obvious posted on 2007-05-26 01:15:30

If only there would be someone who'd change the eyes from blue to green, I'd be eternally grateful..
10 posted on 2007-04-25 12:48:06

love you like i do...hmmmmmmm......yes perfect...and so what?it isn't real.....:((((fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck....
berzerker posted on 2007-02-04 13:10:37

She is very hot
scott posted on 2006-08-26 14:31:13

I have the orig-e from the artist,, but i will save this one!
mark posted on 2006-08-07 04:12:29

Very beautiful art,a masterpiece in my book!
worm posted on 2006-07-24 07:57:04

WoW...Cool..I Love It!
B0reto posted on 2006-07-04 23:00:52

She looks like me :)
Latinita posted on 2006-04-29 10:18:45

can i get her phone number...hehe anyways enjoy this wallpaper...people...
DEIMOS posted on 2006-04-14 12:05:00

SAI posted on 2006-04-14 09:18:50

there wasn't a single person who saw this on my pc without staring in awe
Ozzie posted on 2006-04-02 19:50:32

i love it.
Drew posted on 2006-04-02 03:50:13

There is nothing like a redhead with blue eyes. She's the definition of perfect.
Derek posted on 2006-02-17 22:57:00

The realism moves me- its just so, so, so...captivating, enchanting, just pure beauty
artsylil'thang posted on 2005-12-04 03:47:54

she looks real its....... theres not even words for it shes beautiful
laura posted on 2005-11-18 12:33:01

This is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life
Knives posted on 2005-11-17 06:49:53

more than nice; it's beautifull
K_Shu posted on 2005-11-12 11:43:25

this is hot stopped me in my tracks
Guest posted on 2005-06-30 09:43:42

Super schönes Bild!
Missy posted on 2005-06-03 21:07:37

beta!     recent wallpapers

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