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Fastest Lamborghini
Free car red desktop wallpaper
Fastest Lamborghini
uploaded by mA! on 2006-08-14
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kyun posted on 2010-11-15 11:05:59

youare all pretty stupid when youcan google it and find out what it actualli of stupid people!!!
Guest posted on 2010-07-08 02:31:31

that car is best in the world and THAT'S MY CAR STALKERS
jordon posted on 2010-05-19 00:01:48

LOL~ i'm gonna bet 100 USD it's a modified Mclaren F1. It's not a lambo...
laktos kid posted on 2009-12-16 19:29:54

i wish that was my car .oh shit look at those doors
lucky girl posted on 2009-09-03 06:00:36

pi posted on 2009-08-28 22:36:14

It's NOT a Lamborghini..........Thats not even a Lamborghini logo on the bumper............... It's a fucking Hispano-Suiza HS21-GTS
Valik posted on 2008-10-18 21:28:26

i wanna fuck it its got me horny
soujaboy posted on 2008-07-27 22:10:39

Ok, who snapped the picture of my car!? lol
Guest posted on 2008-07-18 00:30:36

It is so cool.
andres posted on 2008-07-03 01:15:25

car looks like it got fucking fish gales on the side!!!
Guest posted on 2008-05-22 22:06:34

thats my car!!
Guest posted on 2008-05-22 22:05:47

fuccking stupid car............. who made this bledy fucking car?
mathew kizhavallil posted on 2008-03-28 06:46:43

it most definatley is a Hispano-Suiza HS21-GTS check it on google
Bob posted on 2008-02-13 13:08:31

the wiper in the middle of the window looks like the Koenigsegg CCX. But it just might be a saleen. the headlights match the windows match and the fins deffenatly match. its the front bumper, emblem, and that wiper throing me.
StuntZ posted on 2008-02-12 04:24:57

It looks great but the only problem it's to small.
Lucas posted on 2008-02-09 18:11:10

If you think thats shit think again.
Cailean O'kane posted on 2008-01-30 23:29:18

Class Lambo what a car
Morgan O'kane posted on 2008-01-30 23:24:26

in not sure wat that is but thats no lamborghini man or a saleen s7 and thats no bentley that has a b in midel of the wings of the logo looks to me like a aston martin kinda
jack posted on 2007-12-09 23:59:49

what should a car look like,this is just a rubbish to me...
i'm sick of this posted on 2007-11-07 09:26:33

does that even look like a Saleen!! A Lamborghini!?!?! Its a Bentley
nads posted on 2007-11-04 06:45:38

It looks more like a Saleen to me, but I could be wrong...But Lamborghini? I doubt it...
Perry posted on 2007-10-04 21:12:03

what kind of car is this baby
piolo posted on 2007-09-18 03:50:12

that is definitely NOT a lambo, its either a aston martin or a bentley, i get the logos mixed up, but it also does look like a saleen just different lights
amanda posted on 2007-09-17 21:15:07

I love it
Finix raju Vadakkel posted on 2007-09-13 17:44:47

nice car
clonz posted on 2007-09-05 03:19:54

you fucking stupids its a fucking bentley!!! get back too school and then talk
PurpleVampire posted on 2007-08-31 17:38:08

ever posted on 2007-08-08 06:33:12

DIXY posted on 2007-07-12 17:14:01

Its a Saleen S7, just has a stupid aston martin emblem on it
Guest posted on 2007-07-11 22:27:28

DIXY posted on 2007-07-11 20:36:31

i think the doors open cool.
bob posted on 2007-07-05 21:43:45

its a auston martin retareds
unknown posted on 2007-06-20 02:36:32

it is cool and all butt you peoeple are just freaken dumb shiten gay fagets
dip shit posted on 2007-05-20 00:50:07

What do you get when you cross internet and a piece of turd? You get a Dumbshit with no knwoledge or passion for cars called Ej!Fuckwit!
Rocko posted on 2007-05-09 16:06:29

what do get if you cross aston martin with saleen? A red/orange junk
Ej posted on 2007-03-31 03:10:10

This car is ready for transwarp speed, But its not a Lamborghini, Most likely a Saleen S7 racer.
Ice man posted on 2007-03-28 05:12:31

yall are gay
619bettalucknextime posted on 2007-03-12 06:50:53

I like the design and the color looks good , give it an sky view picture now your talkin..
wildarturo posted on 2007-03-09 19:23:02

the logo is Aston martin logo
Guest posted on 2007-03-09 11:29:37

Not a Lamborghini. Maybe a Saleen S7 Racer?
Matt posted on 2007-02-24 01:43:09

that junk is hot
my name posted on 2007-02-17 05:19:45

i think you need an editor
cooooooool guy posted on 2007-02-01 22:41:15

that is hispano suiza concept car
Guest posted on 2006-12-09 22:49:36

Looks like an Aston Martin
Dino posted on 2006-11-30 20:37:20

Hispano Suiza
a659 posted on 2006-11-25 01:45:21

is that a radical?
poopy posted on 2006-11-20 13:34:16

Can anyone identify the logo?
Mark posted on 2006-11-15 20:33:29

Looks like the McLaren F1 GTR.
Jordan posted on 2006-10-20 19:41:56

That's not a Lamborghini, moron.
Josh posted on 2006-09-09 22:27:43

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