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HIM Scratch wallpaper
Free black desktop wallpaper
HIM Scratch wallpaper
uploaded by anonymous on 2006-07-30
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Its cool ,, like it ,, thats called simply is the best ,,,
Alex Ujjal karmokar posted on 2010-08-26 11:56:37

Love that wallpaper! HIM is the best band ever and I live in Finland just like they do!!! :D
Guest posted on 2010-05-08 10:06:04

HIM Is the best band ever & anyone whoever says otherwise is friggin stupid! Ville Valo is probably the sexiest man on earth!! (Besides Bam Margera) & his voice is AMAZING!! He's the most talented person in the world. I mean, guitar, voice? Holy Shit!!& he's funny! I mean from looking at him, he looks like a normal person. He acts like a normal person & doesnt want to be treated like a Rockstar. He's AMAZING!! I love him & HIM.=)
ўѕ666HeartagramGirl posted on 2009-08-07 03:26:29

Классная группа!!!!!!!!!Самая самая!!!!!
Наре posted on 2009-05-28 14:55:15

who is H.I.M re they good?
guest posted on 2009-01-21 20:46:34

HIM are poetic, melodic geniuses and Ville Valo is the best singer I've heard for a while..
Dying Slowly posted on 2009-01-12 23:59:09

HIM IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Guest posted on 2008-12-25 22:32:14

HIM rules
nako posted on 2008-12-24 20:26:56

Fuck you how ever sad him suck and that dum bitch sad him sucks
kenny.valo@yahoo.com posted on 2008-12-03 02:50:58

HIM is a pretty good band, the softest i listen to.
Zach Frieze posted on 2008-11-03 03:55:51

H.I.M SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Waldo Johnson posted on 2008-10-28 14:51:18

god thanks for create a perfect man! ville valo is the best and H.I.M. is the best love metal band XD they're the best I love them... darknesspainandsorrow@hotmail.com bye my sweethearts!
K.Q. posted on 2008-08-29 20:19:52

him is the best band ever i love and your music is great yeaaa i love ][-][- ][- ][\/][-
santos posted on 2008-04-19 01:54:54

Guest posted on 2008-04-08 10:50:40

it's simple but very nice. cool and interesting
miSz dieYa posted on 2008-03-30 01:28:05

this wallpaper is awesome! HIM is the best band ever! i love ville especially.i totally agree with ville! this wallpaper is unique
Cheyenne Mohr posted on 2008-01-03 03:15:22

its cool and original
TokioHotel posted on 2007-11-25 22:42:36

That's very nice, I have seen many heart a gram wallpapers, but that is very nice.
Ville Valo posted on 2007-09-22 02:45:37

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