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Free animals black-and-white desktop wallpaper
uploaded by anonymous on 2004-01-11
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It is a lab for sure. Probably a chocolate Lab. I know because I have 2 Labs,and they are the best breed of all in my opinion. Perhaps I am biased, but they are the sweetest, most gentle breed. Very loving.
Jeffrey posted on 2017-12-08 03:39:55

In a meeting
Kasey posted on 2016-08-31 10:59:31

This dog looks exactly like our dog Oliver. We got him from rescue, so we don't know exactly what kind of dog he is, but he's simply a GREAT dog. Someone in this comment thread said he's a lab, but I don't think that's correct. Does anyone know? Thanks!
pchelpdave posted on 2012-01-08 21:25:06

I had a dog just like that...
Ganandorf posted on 2009-02-04 22:54:03

1st off yes i am only 11 y.o. so all u peepols don think all critics have 2 b old. now 2 the pic...L really like it. ut hes rite it comes w/ windows XP. + mi usin has the same pic in her room. not tht origginal
wallpaper critic - Katie posted on 2009-01-05 00:25:32

Its a lab.
Danielle posted on 2008-11-11 01:23:00

Can anybody tell me what kind of dog is that
Flo posted on 2008-09-10 17:28:29

this is a copy, yet is IS cute...
Guest posted on 2008-01-19 21:43:30

DOUG posted on 2007-11-01 03:29:44

His name is Griz and he is kind, loving, innocent, and the meaning of friend.
harry posted on 2007-06-01 06:28:30

Umm.. I do like the picture... But it comes with Windows XP...
Devanni posted on 2007-04-07 09:31:31

u stole that pic. off of your computer! i have the same one!!
ehmagawsh posted on 2007-04-05 02:07:47

This looks identical to the dog I have. We have wood floors also, so I am loving this one! It's a keeper!
Susan posted on 2007-04-02 00:11:20

This wallpaper is awsome!!!!!!!!! The dog is so flippin cute!!!....
Aubrey posted on 2006-07-26 22:48:21

soooo cute
cindy posted on 2006-04-26 08:16:25

I hate this picture but the dog is cute!!! I don't like to put my wallpaper on my computer because i am so tired of it!!!!
dorita posted on 2006-01-19 22:24:48

this picture is sssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable freak all of u that dont like this picture
freak off posted on 2005-12-07 03:22:43

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