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first attempt at layering images, Desert Mountian Horses
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Desert Mountian Horses
Free animals desktop wallpaper
Desert Mountian Horses
uploaded by Blondeheat on 2006-05-31
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i would really like the pic if it was more realistic and didn't have those horses fighting in the background.I think it would look really good if it didnt look so photoshopped. cause the horse in the front is too big but the horses fighting are perfect size i think
Sarah posted on 2008-10-13 23:10:21

Horses r pasted onto back ground Front horse is 2 big horses have big cocks
revilo posted on 2008-04-20 22:31:43

obviously photoshopped.
posted on 2007-11-20 08:29:38

the horse up front is bigger cuz it's closer, duh. but I love it!
:) posted on 2007-11-04 07:51:50

i think that the horses look really fake! and if theyre not then they were photoshopped into the background
mikayalah posted on 2007-10-08 13:32:32

I dont like this one its fake and horse looks like his body is 20 X bigger than head.
Gosia posted on 2007-04-20 20:07:17

White Mare " oh no I think there is going to be a fight, Why do I need to be so Pretty, I better stop them, no I think I want to see this, Go Jimmy (brown)!"
AngelCool101 posted on 2007-01-14 16:42:59

Oh no I think a fight to the death for the mare (Front) Go Brown! Cat Fight!
AngelCool101 posted on 2007-01-14 16:40:28

front horse:she left me my love !!!waaaa!dam browny! two horses: girl: ohhhh! brownyyyy!i love you kissy!!! browny:ohh yaaa
Guest posted on 2007-01-03 01:42:24

oh no i think that theres a cat fight going on behind me i better stop them before it gets ugly
madison posted on 2006-10-22 00:03:03

TIM posted on 2006-08-04 17:31:15

now thats a big horse i love the rock. i think the horses in the background look better than the horse up front
Guest posted on 2006-06-17 01:10:54

Image is called "Desert Mountian Horses", guess my lack of proper editing can be chalked up to a "Blonde" thing.
Blondeheat posted on 2006-06-01 17:30:46

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